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How To Spell wanting?

Correct spelling: wanting

Definition of wanting:

  1. Absent; lacking; missing; also, deficient; destitute; needy; as, one of the twelve is wanting; I shall not be wanting in exertion.

List of misspellings for wanting:

  • wanring,
  • wantabe,
  • wenton,
  • vanacny,
  • wondeing,
  • wasteing,
  • daughnting,
  • wifting,
  • wantg,
  • winstin,
  • anyting,
  • vatantine,
  • genarting,
  • wandring,
  • warniing,
  • whaiting,
  • warnning,
  • danting,
  • washtington,
  • hanting,
  • wantng,
  • wantingly,
  • wuantity,
  • annoyting,
  • rantting,
  • warnining,
  • warnding,
  • waincotting,
  • widneing,
  • wonding,
  • waniting,
  • wachting,
  • wating,
  • wianting,
  • washingtn,
  • waitning,
  • wondernig,
  • awainting,
  • waaiting,
  • antinio,
  • mantaing,
  • wanitng,
  • waitting,
  • weting,
  • weating,
  • warnin,
  • wantyou,
  • wauting,
  • waitingon,
  • woundeing,
  • wonton,
  • warnign,
  • wateing,
  • waitin,
  • wwandring,
  • waisting,
  • antino,
  • windiing,
  • wontonly,
  • wantin,
  • wannting,
  • witnin,
  • waisteing,
  • wawaiting,
  • wantering,
  • waitiing,
  • tanting,
  • wantting,
  • mantine,
  • wrinting,
  • warrenting,
  • wearting,
  • meantine,
  • whateing,
  • doanting,
  • wnateing,
  • anytin,
  • wonderng,
  • wiaiting,
  • wanint,
  • wainting,
  • wenting,
  • wornning,
  • annoting,
  • wornding,
  • windeing,
  • waintin,
  • weaiting,
  • ventien,
  • maneating,
  • watting,
  • wantings,
  • wantign,
  • wamting,
  • twanting,
  • wantig,
  • wanding,
  • wentg,
  • watiing,
  • twentynine.

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Liu Wanting


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Mabel Cheung is a film director from Hong Kong. She is one of the leading directors in Hong Kong cinema. Elected "Freshman's Queen" when she was studying undergrad at the University of Hong Kong, she was also an avid sportswoman representing Lady Ho Tung Hall and HKU.

The Wanting


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The Wanting is the fourth solo album by Glenn Jones, guitarist and founding member of the American instrumental band Cul de Sac. Mojo placed the album at number 33 on its list of "Top 50 albums of 2011."

Wanting Memories

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This graph shows how "wanting" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for wanting:

  1. We used to talk about wanting to get some money, but that's when hip -hop was based on your dreams and your fantasy. The whole thing now is the dreams and fantasies were achieved, and you don't want to make it the focal point. You can't keep beating that dead horse.
  2. Rather than doing the kind of fact -checking that normally goes with a story, you ran with certain stories for not wanting to get beat. There's a pressure that exists in your profession. I would be surprised in any honest exchange that you say that doesn't exist.
  3. We spent last night listening to Liverpool football team on the radio, wanting them to win so badly. Paul supports Liverpool. He was Everton for a while because of his family- but it's all Liverpool now.
  4. Wanting to be a good actor is not good enough. You must want to be a great actor. You just have to have that.
  5. For me, this is a familiar image- people in the organization ready and willing to do good work, wanting to contribute their ideas, ready to take responsibility, and leaders holding them back, insisting that they wait for decisions or instructions.

Rhymes for wanting:

  1. conning, awning, spawning, donning;

Translations for wanting:

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vill, ønsker.

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