How To Spell waste?

Correct spelling: waste

What is the definition of waste?

  1. spend extravagantly; "waste not, want not"

What does the abbreviation waste mean?

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What are the translations for waste?

Arabic word for Waste


Chinese words for Waste

废, 耗损, 糟蹋, 白费, 花掉.

Dutch words for Waste

afval, verspilling, verspillen, verdoen, verknoeien, vuilnis, afvalstof, restafval, verkwisting, verkwisten.

French words for Waste

déchet, déchets, gaspillage, rebut, gaspiller, perdre, gâcher, ordures, perte, dissiper, galvauder, résidu, détritus.

German words for Waste

Abfall, verfallen, Ausschuss, residual, verbrauchen, ungenutzt, Verlust, Verschwendung, verschwenden, vergeuden, verderben, Abfallstoffe, Abfallprodukt, Verschnitt, Vergeudung, Reste, Wüste, Einöde, Wüstenei, verwüsten, verkümmern, verprassen, umkommen, verzehren, vertun, unbrauchbar.

Italian words for Waste

rifiuti, di rifiuto, scarto, spreco, rifiuto.

Japanese words for Waste

廃棄物, 汚物, とひ, 浪費, 無駄にする, 廃品, くず, ウェスト, 費やす, むだにする, 荒廃, クズ, 溝に捨てる, き損, どぶにすてる, どぶに捨てる, ぼうにふる, 濫費, こうはい, はいひん, そまつにする, 廃り, むだづかい, ろうひ, むにする, 乱費, ふけいざい, 無にする, ついやす, しょうこう, らんぴ, あがりもの, そつ.

Malay words for Waste

Sampah, Membazir.

Polish words for Waste

odpad, odpady, strata, ścieki, nieczystości, marnotrawstwo, odpadki, resztka.

Portuguese words for Waste

resíduo, desperdício, lixo, desperdiçar, residuais, perda, dejetos, esbanjamento, despejo, dissipação, usados.

Romanian word for Waste


Russian words for Waste

отходы, мусор, расточительство, трата, шлаки, макулатура, отбросы, токсины, растрачивание, растрата.

Spanish words for Waste

perder, residuo, residuos, desechos, desecho, desperdicio, restos, de residuos, de desecho, desperdiciar, desaprovechar, sobrante, desperdicios, gastar, despilfarro, despilfarrar, basura, sobras, derroche, baldío, yermo, malgastar, derrochar, dilapidar, detritos, sopor.

Swedish word for Waste


Turkish word for Waste


Ukrainian word for Waste

даремна витрата.

Vietnamese word for Waste

sự phung phí.