How To Spell WAYE?

Correct spelling: WAYE

What does the abbreviation WAYE mean?

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What are the usage examples for WAYE?

  1. An other waye of increase is, when wythoute distinccion in the context and course of the oracion, the circumstaunces sette in order, somewhat alwayes is added bygger then the fyrste, and that we come to the hyest by a swyfte pace. – A Treatise of Schemes and Tropes by Richard Sherry Commentator: Herbert W. Hildebrandt

What are the rhymes for WAYE?

  1. saye, lei, jaye, ley, day, ne, flay, nay, drey, clay, mae, stay, neigh, tray, paye, fay, mei, slay, pei, j, bay, blay, stray, se, yay, ray, bray, wei, cay, sta, pray, daye, tae, dey, sleigh, they, play, shay, whey, khe, way, graye, lay, ney, ay, fe, jae, che, weigh, tay, hey, jay, wy, dae, quay, brae, sway, k, haye, wray, klay, fey, gaye, say, pay, bey, shea, dray, raye, grey, ca, maye, hay, lait, vey, sze, faye, frey, mey, wey, ae, nej, brey, gway, may, trey, fray, kay, rae, gray, hwe, kaye, cray, de, rey, spray, quai, yea, prey, re;
  2. ga, crochet, chalet, croquet, o'shea, carre, halfway, souffle, gervais, soiree, nisei, purvey, decay, filet, nikkei, delray, array, convey, jose, parquet, ek, away, essay, saute, levey, macrae, replay, renee, beret, rene, da, fillet, hooray, dk, monet, betray, manet, mckay, today, ballet, defray, buffet, sergei, olay, delay, astray, cafe, portray, display, passe, belay, abbe, dismay, millay, risque, mccrea, valet, cathay, puree, orsay, ole, oj, survey, b-j, cliche, dossier, allay, okay, calais, ha, moray, hervey, cache, bombay, prepay, asay, obey, toupee, hurray, beauvais, repay, bouquet, sorbet, mackay, mcveigh;
  3. monterey, cea, faberge, perrier, overplay, cabernet, bua, bta, disobey, piaget, overstay, attache, ira, underplay, ita, intraday, cabaret, ekk, bouvier, aaa, lyonnais, dak, disarray, uva, chevrolet, underway, monterrey, fiance, jna;
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  5. waga;