How To Spell weakness?

Correct spelling: weakness

What is the definition of weakness?

  1. a flaw or weak point; "he was quick to point out his wife's failings"

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What are the rhymes for weakness?

  1. preakness, bleakness;
  2. uniqueness;

What are the translations for weakness?

Afrikaans word for Weakness


Arabic word for Weakness


French words for Weakness

insuffisance, lacune, faiblesse, vulnérabilité, débilité, penchant, faille, affaiblissement, impuissance, abattement, fragilité, infirmité.

German words for Weakness

Schwachstelle, Schwäche, Manko, Faible, Gebrechen, Schwachheit, Asthenie, Charakterschwäche, Kraftlosigkeit, Weichlichkeit.

Italian word for Weakness


Japanese words for Weakness

弱さ, 弱点, 衰弱, 虚弱, 軟調, 軟弱, 押し目, るいじゃく, 病癖, すいじゃく, なんじゃく, じゃくせい, にゅうじゃく, 引け目, おしめ, よわさ, 羸弱, きょじゃく, なんちょう, 柔弱, じゃく, びょうへき, 弱いこと.

Javanese word for Weakness


Malay word for Weakness


Norwegian word for Weakness


Portuguese words for Weakness

lacuna, falha, deficiência, defeito, fraqueza, ponto fraco, enfraquecimento, fragilidade, debilidade, vulnerabilidade.

Spanish words for Weakness

carencia, defecto, debilidad, fragilidad, punto débil, flaqueza, vulnerabilidad, flojedad, predilección.

Swedish word for Weakness


Tamil word for Weakness


Vietnamese word for Weakness

sự yếu ớt.