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How To Spell wealth?

Correct spelling: wealth

What is the definition of wealth?

  1. the quality of profuse abundance; "she has a wealth of talent"

What does the abbreviation wealth mean?

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What are the rhymes for wealth?

  1. health, stealth;

What are the translations for wealth?

Afrikaans word for Wealth


Chinese words for Wealth

财, 钱财, 财帛, 财赋.

French words for Wealth

richesse, capital, avéré.

German words for Wealth

Wohlstand, Reichtum, Vermögensstand, Fortuna.

Italian word for Wealth


Japanese words for Wealth

富, 富裕, かざい, しりょく, 貨財, 分限, ぶんげん, 富力, ふりょく.

Javanese word for Wealth


Malay word for Wealth


Norwegian word for Wealth


Polish words for Wealth

bogactwo, dobrobyt, dostatek, zamożność.

Portuguese words for Wealth

renda, bens, prosperidade, manancial, profusão.

Russian words for Wealth

богатство, блага.

Spanish words for Wealth

bienes, bienestar, riqueza, patrimonio, abundancia, recursos, caudal, prosperidad, infinidad, diversidad, opulencia, riquezas.

Turkish word for Wealth


Vietnamese word for Wealth

sự giàu có.