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This graph shows how "weekend" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for weekend:

  1. Talks with fellow students, a brief love affair, weekend trips to Tel Aviv or New Rome- it was plain that she had badly missed it all in her years in Norway, in the glittering, isolated laboratory far under the snow. "Evil Out of Onzar" , Mark Ganes.
  2. And Mike and the others- if they can show they're trustworthy- can come home every weekend, or even every night if they can teleport that far." "Out Like a Light" , Gordon Randall Garrett.
  3. It seems that the Baron was a ringer in the set where Sadie and Pinckney had been doing the weekend house- party act. "Shorty McCabe" , Sewell Ford.

Quotes for weekend:

  1. I was in Kashmir last weekend. Went to visit one of my sweaters. - Albert Brooks
  2. But it was this tough little character part that I was playing, a very funny little guy that I invented over a weekend, because I realized I was not contributing to the humor of this thing. And I had to do something. - Dabney Coleman
  3. That's great because I know as a teenager, I didn't relate to a TV series where all people do is cheerlead and drink sodas on the weekend. So I think it'll be great if it can be seen by a few people at least. - Caroline Dhavernas
  4. Movies are not about the weekend that they're released, and in the grand scheme of things, that's probably the most unimportant time of a film's life. - Quentin Tarantino
  5. I'm hosting weekend retreats all over America. It is like a 24 -hour slumber party for moms. We laugh, eat, play games, get massages, win prizes, talk about parenting and even cry a bit. - Lisa Whelchel

Idioms for weekend:

  1. a wet weekend
  2. roll on the weekend, five o'clock, etc.
  3. make a day/ night/ weekend etc. of it
  4. a dirty weekend
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