How To Spell weight?

Correct spelling: weight

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What is the definition of weight?

  1. Way.

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What are the translations for weight?

Afrikaans word for Weight


Arabic word for Weight


Bengali word for Weight


Chinese words for Weight

重量, 砝码, 份量, 斤两, 硾.

Dutch word for Weight


French words for Weight

importance, force, poids, pondérer, lester, pesanteur, haltère.

German words for Weight

Belang, Bedeutung, beeinflussen, Belastung, Wichtigkeit, belasten, Stellenwert, gewichten, Charge, Last, Gewicht, Schwere, beschweren, Körpergewicht.

Japanese words for Weight

重量, 重さ, ウェイト, ウエイト, 分銅, ウエート, 重り, 錘, 量目, ウェート, 目方, はかりめ, しずめ, 重味, きんめ, おもさ, 沈め, きんりょう, じゅうりょう, 掛け目, めかた, 斤量, ひじゅう, りょうめ, かけめ, ふんどう, 掛目, 斤目.

Javanese word for Weight


Korean word for Weight


Marathi word for Weight


Norwegian word for Weight


Polish words for Weight

znaczenie, waga, sztanga, ciężkość, odważnik.

Portuguese word for Weight


Romanian word for Weight


Russian words for Weight

вес, масса, весить, гиря.

Spanish words for Weight

envergadura, carga, importancia, pesar, peso, pesa, de peso, masa, ponderar, de pesas.

Swedish word for Weight


Vietnamese word for Weight

trọng lượng.