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How To Spell weil?

Correct spelling: weil

List of misspellings for weil:

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What does the abbreviation weil mean?

Related words for weil

Albert Weil


French sailor

Albert Paul Moïse Weil was a French sailor. He was won the Silver medal helming his boat Rose Pompon along with its crew Robert Monier and Félix Picon in Sailing at the 1920 Summer Olympics – 6.5 Metre race.

Kurt Weil


Radio personality

Kurt Weil was a Swiss jazz vibraphonist. Weil was born in Zurich. He learned piano and trombone as a youth, but was playing vibraphone professionally by 1952, as a member of Rio de Gregori's ensemble.

Olga Strashun Weil


American tennis player

Olga Strashun Weil was an outstanding American amateur tennis player and golfer in the early to mid-20th century.

Sidney Weil


Sidney Weil was the owner of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team of the National League from 1929 through 1933. In 1929, Weil purchased the club from C. J. McDiarmid. He sold the Reds to Powel Crosley Jr. in 1933.



Weilimdorf, until 1955 known as "Weil im Dorf," is the north-western city district of the German city and capital of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart.

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Examples of usage for weil:

  1. His real meaning was perceived by Henri Weil and Jacob Bernays, two great Jewish classical scholars of Germany. – The Literature of Ecstasy by Albert Mordell
  2. Compiegne de Weil Ludwig, lived at Paris, and later at Metz, in the second half of the seventeenth century. – Some Jewish Witnesses For Christ by Rev. A. Bernstein, B.D.

Rhymes for weil:

  1. reel, neal, veal, isle, kyle, creel, geil, spiel, steal, real, niel, kiel, lyle, smeal, guile, squeal, riel, shiel, diel, while, teall, pile, meal, peal, scheele, seel, steel, style, steele, aisle, eel, skeel, peele, heel, kyl, neill, bile, wile, smile, sheil, dial, file, nile, deal, beale, keel, deale, gilles, stile, teale, neil, heal, zeal, niall, neile, cele, she'll, deel, seil, beall, beil, neall, vile, ciel, kile, zele, seal, bille, weill, neale, trial, gile, peel, mile, mele, phyle, he'll, leal, we'll, rile, beal, hile, feel, lile, teal, peale, wheel, tile, teel, neel, pyle, kneel;
  2. anneal, revile, shaquille, corneal, soleil, camille, lucille, fertile, unreal, surreal, argyll, morrill, macneill, abele, verrill, awhile, mikhail, cecile, marseille, repeal, o'neill, congeal, nevile, unseal, emil, mcneal, worthwhile, adriel, beguile, reseal, defile, puerile, brasil, macneal, ideal, emile, hostile, mcneill, ordeal, appeal, o'neal, mcneil, compile, savill, conceal, restyle, lucile, genteel, nevil, ferrill, reveal, oneal;
  3. villarreal, averill, versatile;
  4. automobile;

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