How To Spell welcome?

Correct spelling: welcome

What is the definition of welcome?

  1. bid welcome to; greet upon arrival

What does the abbreviation welcome mean?

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What are the rhymes for welcome?

  1. unwelcome;

What are the translations for welcome?

Arabic word for Welcome


Bengali word for Welcome


Chinese word for Welcome


Dutch words for Welcome

welkom, ontvangst, onthaal, verwelkoming, verwelkomen, begroeten, ontvangen.

French words for Welcome

bienvenu, bienvenue.

German words for Welcome

empfangen, Empfang, angenehm, willkommen heißen, bewillkommnen, willkommen, Willkommensgruß, erfreulich, begrüßenswert.

Greek word for Welcome


Hindi word for Welcome

आपका स्वागत है.

Italian words for Welcome

salutare, accoglienza, benvenuto, accogliere.

Japanese words for Welcome

歓迎, ウェルカム, ウエルカム, 接待, ありがたい, 有難い, めんそおれ, 優待, めんそーれ, ゆうたい, 有り難い, ほうげい, 奉迎, どうれ, ほとめく.

Javanese word for Welcome


Korean word for Welcome


Marathi word for Welcome

स्वागत आहे.

Norwegian word for Welcome


Polish word for Welcome


Portuguese words for Welcome

receber, cumprimento, boas-vindas, acolhimento, bem-vindo, acolher, saudar, apoiar, aprovar, convidado, cumprimentar, oportuna, acolhida, bem recebido, desejada, bem acolhido, oportunos, tempestivo, dar boas-vindas a, dar as boas-vindas a, estar aberto a.

Romanian word for Welcome


Russian words for Welcome

приветствие, радушный приём, желанный, приятный, долгожданный.

Spanish words for Welcome

oportuno, apreciar, bienvenida, acogida, bienvenido, bien recibido, dar la bienvenida, conveniente, positivo, feliz, recibimiento, aplaudir, valiosa.

Swedish word for Welcome


Turkish word for Welcome


Vietnamese word for Welcome

sự đón tiếp.