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How To Spell well?

Correct spelling: well

List of misspellings for well:

  • willc,
  • cowell,
  • nell,
  • welare,
  • wiselly,
  • helll,
  • velue,
  • whille,
  • welfar,
  • wekly,
  • iwill,
  • willoe,
  • rwill,
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  • wealfair,
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What does the abbreviation well mean?

Related words for well

Josephs Well


Office rental service in Leeds, England

The Well was a well-known music venue in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. Bands such as Caliban, The Chariot, The Killers, Editors, We Are Scientists, Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, Keane, Isis, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, The Distillers, Dugong, Against Me!, Strike Anywhere, Fun and Chimaira played there over the years.

Well, You Needn't




Well.ca is a Canadian e-commerce retailer based in Guelph, Ontario that specializes in health, beauty, baby, home, and green and natural products. The company was founded in 2008 by Ali Asaria. In December 2017, pharmaceutical company McKesson Canada acquired Well.ca.

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This graph shows how "well" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for well:

  1. bell, knell, ell, cell, tell, stelle, gel, swell, dell, fell, snell, tel, mel, stell, mell, spell, belle, cel, shell, kell, elle, pell, dwell, jell, yell, kal, nelle, helle, nel, gehl, el, ehle, delle, del, frel, kjell, smell, schell, zel, chell, sell, l, nell, fel, bel, quell;
  2. rozelle, gazelle, lavelle, mozelle, chapell, cordell, cabell, ardelle, corel, foretell, adel, adelle, rachelle, cattell, darrelle, fidel, joelle, gabel, romelle, michel, miguel, misspell, befell, brunelle, morrell, ravel, randell, ferrel, madelle, maybelle, cartel, carel, sibelle, intel, hillel, elwell, mirelle, excel, purcell, hormel, michele, michelle, outsell, sharell, pastel, rangel, dispel, varvel, moselle, ansel, noel, arnelle, arel, shirelle, burrell, cavell, marcel, udelle, odell, martelle, rudelle, darnell, rebel, bechtel, carvel, accel, patel, expel, hotel, montel, mattel, impel, mantell, novell, angelle, leonelle, shirell, twaddell, propel, compel, raquel, chanel, morel, repel, motel, farewell, waddell, mirell, carmel, lyell, capelle, danelle, estelle, grinnell, adele, cornelle, noelle, akel, sydell, resell, adell, rochelle, retell, bedel, nobel, marvell, dantrell, apel, ruelle, marcelle, anwell, niguel, ul, manuel, ancel, unsell, samelle, mendell, tyrrell, giselle, cornell, nouvelle, mabelle, janelle, markel, atwell, marvelle, daniele, lapel;
  3. raphael, danielle, rafael, mirabel, clientele, orabel, isabell, avenel, personnel, gabriele, aol;
  4. materiel, mademoiselle, nepl, aix-la-chapelle;

Translations for well:

Afrikaans word for Well


Arabic word for Well

عَلَى ما يُرَام.

Chinese words for Well

好好, 安好, 平安, 丼.

Dutch words for Well

wel, bron, put, goed, erg, tja, welnu, zinvol, raadzaam, nou, waterput, inktkoker.

French words for Well

enfin, bien, correctement, puits, en bonne santé.

German words for Well

so, also, wohl, Gut, Bon, gesund, sehr, Quelle, Ursprung, Brunnen, quellen, sprudeln, hervorragend, Senke, wohlauf, Bohrloch, Brunnenschacht, Schacht, Wanne, Tiefbett, Kuhle.

Japanese words for Well

は, では, 良く, まず, 井, どれ, さあ, さてさて, えっと, いいや, あのう, たっしゃ, 偖, 好く, むむ, ヨロピク, 何れ, 恙無い, あのね, あのねえ, 克く, あんね, 善う, けんざい, いな, 良う, ろくに, 善く, ゆうに, 陸に, 恙ない, あのー, 碌に, 扨, つつがない, ウーン, よろぴく.

Javanese word for Well


Malay word for Well


Norwegian words for Well

brå, godt.

Polish words for Well

dobry, zdrowy, rozsądny.

Portuguese words for Well

bem, bom.

Russian words for Well

и, колодец, поправившийся, в здравии, в хорошем состоянии, выздоровевший, ну да, итак.

Spanish words for Well

bueno, correctamente, pozo.

Turkish word for Well