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Correct spelling: whatever

Definition of whatever:

  1. Being this or that; being of one nature or another; being one thing or another; all that; the whole that; all particulars that.

Common misspellings for whatever:

whever, whethever.


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Quotes for whatever:

  1. They weren't immigrating to some existing society; indeed, they often did whatever they could do to destroy whatever existed here in the way of Indian society.
  2. Hmm mmm I mean, work is work, I'll take whatever work I can get.
  3. If I was on a march at the moment I would be saying to everyone: 'Be honest with each other. Admit there are limitless possibilities in relationships, and love as many people as you can in whatever way you want, and get rid of your inhibitions, and we'll all be happy.
  4. It made me think about a whole area of human activity that was not really a concern to me before that, because I was involved in reading Chinese history, or languages, or whatever.
  5. From too much love of living, From hope and fear set free, We thank with brief thanksgiving Whatever gods may be That no life lives for ever; That dead men rise up never; That even the weariest river Winds somewhere safe to sea.