How To Spell whatever?

Correct spelling: whatever

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What are the rhymes for whatever?

  1. whichever, lever, sever, whoever, wherever, trevor, whomever;
  2. never, clever, haver, kever, ever, bever;
  3. endeavour, forever, however, whenever, endeavor;
  4. whomsoever, whatsoever, whosoever;

What are the translations for whatever?

Afrikaans word for Whatever


Arabic word for Whatever


Bengali word for Whatever

যাই হোক.

Chinese words for Whatever

任何, 不论, 无论何事, 不拘.

Dutch words for Whatever

enige, wat, ieder, elk, hetgeen, wat ... ook, welk ... dan ook, wat ... dan ook, wat voor ... dan ook.

French words for Whatever

tout ce que, quelconque, quoi que, n´importe quoi.

German words for Whatever

was immer, alle, welk, was auch, alles (was wir wollen).

Greek word for Whatever


Hindi word for Whatever

जो कुछ भी.

Italian words for Whatever

orice, qualsiasi cosa.

Japanese words for Whatever

であれ, 何であれ, 何事も, 何ら, 何等, なんとでも, なんら, 何とでも, なにごとも, 儘よ, どちみち, なんであれ, ままよ, なにら.

Korean word for Whatever


Malay word for Whatever

apa-apa sahajalah.

Marathi word for Whatever

जे काही.

Norwegian word for Whatever

hva som helst.

Polish word for Whatever


Portuguese word for Whatever


Spanish words for Whatever

cualquier, cualesquiera, todo lo que, lo que sea.

Swedish word for Whatever

vad som…än.

Ukrainian word for Whatever

що завгодно.

Vietnamese word for Whatever

bất cứ thứ gì.