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How To Spell wheeze?

Correct spelling: wheeze

Definition of wheeze:

  1. breathing with a husky or whistling sound

List of misspellings for wheeze:

  • weeek,
  • whese,
  • feeze,
  • whdeze,
  • sweeze,
  • queeze,
  • wheez3,
  • wh4eze,
  • 2wheeze,
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Examples of usage for wheeze:

  1. Down the steep ancient street they came, settling heavily into their saddles with a clash of metal and wheeze of leather as their horses took the descent; and watching them with shining eyes from a doorway was Evanthia Solaris, an exquisite apparition in pale saffron with an enormous black hat. – Command by William McFee
  2. It was a " wheeze among my three boys to pose as her admirers, but I never thought she was quite so unconscious of their real thoughts as they supposed. – The Debit Account by Oliver Onions
  3. Slowly, as if the grave were unwilling to give up its prey the music began to whimper, wheeze and squeak. – Melomaniacs by James Huneker

Quotes for wheeze:

  1. He must not laugh at his own wheeze: a snuff box has no right to sneeze.

Rhymes for wheeze:

  1. ease, liese, sprees, hees, mease, cees, friese, glees, preis, crees, she's, jeez, freeze, saez, neas, neese, neis, rees, pleas, meis, peas, sleaze, flees, fees, sees, knees, nees, geez, cheese, pease, breese, seize, threes, leas, mees, trees, please, z's, feese, deas, beas, sneeze, reis, seas, keys, keyes, reas, skis, dees, tees, vees, deis, gies, bes, sies, breeze, kees, tease, teas, lees, bees, frieze, squeeze, fleas, these, keas, frees;
  2. trainees, draftees, reprise, appease, lessees, trustees, decrees, scorsese, rupees, cadiz, disease, unease, pawnees, louise, cds, jaycees, maltese, foresees, aziz, belize, chinese, trapeze, burmese, ortiz, displease, chemise, andries, degrees, agrees;
  3. timorese, javanese, sudanese, journalese, guarantees, nepalese, ccs, amputees, sinhalese, balinese, devotees, annamese, overseas, retirees, taiwanese, cantonese, enrollees, japanese, referees, honorees, disagrees, guaranties, returnees, conferees, licensees, expertise, internees, detainees, appointees, absentees, franchisees, nominees, siamese, enlistees, inductees, designees, escapees;
  4. stds, abts, interviewees, indochinese;

Translations for wheeze:

Afrikaans word for Wheeze


Bengali word for Wheeze

সাঁসাঁ করিয়া নিঃশ্বাস ফেলা.

French word for Wheeze

respirer bruyamment.

German words for Wheeze

keuchen, schnaufen.

Hindi word for Wheeze


Italian word for Wheeze


Japanese word for Wheeze


Korean word for Wheeze

> 숨을 씨근거리다.

Norwegian word for Wheeze


Polish word for Wheeze

świszczący oddech.

Portuguese word for Wheeze

respirar ruidosamente.

Romanian word for Wheeze

respiratie suieratoare.

Spanish words for Wheeze

resollar, sibilar, resoplar, decir con la respiración entrecortada.

Tamil word for Wheeze