How To Spell whereby?

Correct spelling: whereby

What is the definition of whereby?

  1. By which; by what.

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This graph shows how "whereby" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for whereby?

  1. dye, buy, tai, thai, my, ai, pry, ply, pi, bae, vie, lxi, shai, phi, why, bye, fry, try, tie, sci, pye, chai, mei, brye, sky, pty, flye, spy, sty, thy, sigh, hi, kyi, pie, kai, pri, jai, fye, aye, wye, shy, phy, pae, nye, tsai, sai, mai, bi, eye, ay, lai, nie, chi, fly, fi, ngai, cy, dai, wry, nigh, guy, dry, sri, bligh, spry, sy, yie, tae, sly, psi, lie, bly, cry, chae, die, ty, by, hy, vy, gyi, fae, lye, tye, wy, frye, gae, vi, wai, thigh, rye, ly, high, kwai, keye, cai;
  2. bonsai, awry, decry, untie, uy, apply, thereby, deny, standby, retry, iwai, dubai, belie, alai, defy, descry, comply, nearby, mihai, goodbye, hereby, good-bye, imply, imai, supply, ally, bye-bye, brunei, mcfly, reply, kanai, rely, hi-fi, shanghai, july, versailles;
  3. underlie, resupply, misapply, dui, overfly;
  4. cspi, isty, oversupply;
  5. dwi;

What are the translations for whereby?

Afrikaans word for Whereby


Bengali word for Whereby


Dutch words for Whereby

waardoor, waarmee.

French word for Whereby

selon lequel.

German words for Whereby

wobei, wodurch, womit.

Greek word for Whereby

σύμφωνα με την οποία.

Italian word for Whereby

per cui.

Japanese word for Whereby


Javanese word for Whereby


Korean word for Whereby

그것에 의하여 ~하는.

Malay word for Whereby


Marathi word for Whereby


Norwegian word for Whereby


Polish word for Whereby

przy czym.

Portuguese words for Whereby

por meio do qual, segundo a qual, pela qual.

Romanian word for Whereby

prin care.

Russian word for Whereby

в результате чего.

Spanish words for Whereby

a través de la cual, a través de los cuales, conforme al cual, mediante la cual, mediante el cual, por el cual, por la cual, en los cuales, en las cuales, en la cual, en el cual, a través del cual, por donde, con lo cual, mediante el {or} la cual.

Swedish word for Whereby


Ukrainian word for Whereby

в результаті чого.