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How To Spell whistle?

Correct spelling: whistle

What are the misspellings for whistle ?

  • withoutl,
  • whisele,
  • wistel,
  • whistes,
  • wistled,
  • whisley,
  • weiste,
  • verisatle,
  • hoistle,
  • versitale,
  • vercitile,
  • whitsle,
  • whisted,
  • whistful,
  • weschler,
  • whister,
  • showerstall,
  • ahistle,
  • werstle,
  • versatel,
  • whistly,
  • whosle,
  • whisler,
  • westloop,
  • whilstle,
  • ehistle,
  • versitlie,
  • wistels,
  • westler,
  • thistel,
  • versitaile,
  • whistelig,
  • versiatile,
  • wbistle,
  • virsatile,
  • wistler,
  • westley,
  • willstill,
  • wasstill,
  • verisitle,
  • whaste,
  • whislter,
  • whistleing,
  • whistels,
  • verstile,
  • whisled,
  • veristile,
  • versitile,
  • whistper,
  • westly,
  • qhistle,
  • whistel,
  • whitley,
  • whoesale,
  • wittle,
  • workstyle,
  • whisteled,
  • vertsatile,
  • wistal,
  • whsitler,
  • wnistle,
  • versitel,
  • whisel,
  • vercityle,
  • vercitle,
  • wistle,
  • westhill,
  • waiste,
  • vastley,
  • 3histle,
  • wgistle,
  • wisle,
  • versatle,
  • whiseley,
  • versitle,
  • westle,
  • wyistle,
  • whislte,
  • wistles,
  • whislt,
  • witle,
  • whisdom,
  • wjistle,
  • wisthle,
  • mistle,
  • wostly,
  • whistleling,
  • arcitle,
  • vesitile,
  • whisal,
  • wissled,
  • vestle,
  • whitle,
  • whisle,
  • 2histle,
  • whistal,
  • wuistle,
  • whiste,
  • shistle,
  • wastle.

What is the definition of whistle?

  1. make a whining, ringing, or whistling sound; "the kettle was singing"; "the bullet sang past his ear"

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What are the quotes for whistle?

  1. I knew the whistle of each of the river boats on the Tennessee.
  2. I can whistle with my fingers, especially if I have a whistle.
  3. I drank some boiling water because I wanted to whistle.
  4. Contrary to what the fans may think, you don't just show up, wear a striped shirt and a whistle on Friday night.
  5. I do not know whether there be, as a rule, more vocal expression of the sentiment of love between a man and a woman, than there is between two thrushes. They whistle and call to each other, guided by instinct rather than by reason.

What are the rhymes for whistle?

  1. this'll, missal, missel, thistle, missile, sissel;
  2. fissile, bissell, gristle, bristle;
  3. abyssal, dismissal, epistle;

What are the translations for whistle?

Afrikaans word for Whistle


Arabic word for Whistle


Chinese word for Whistle


Dutch words for Whistle

fluit, fluiten, gefluit, fluitje, fluitsignaal.

French words for Whistle

sifflet, siffler, sifflement, coup de sifflet, siffloter.

German words for Whistle

Pfeife, pfeifen, sausen, Trillerpfeife, Pfiff, Pfeifton, Anpfiff.

Greek word for Whistle


Italian words for Whistle

fischio, fischietto, sibilo.

Japanese words for Whistle

笛, ホイッスル, 口笛, 口笛を吹く, 号笛, くちぶえをふく, 呼び子, ふえ, くちぶえ, 呼子, よびこ.

Javanese word for Whistle


Korean word for Whistle


Malay word for Whistle


Polish word for Whistle


Portuguese words for Whistle

apito, apitar, assobiar, assobio, silvo, assoviar, silvar.

Romanian word for Whistle


Russian words for Whistle

свисток, cвисток.

Spanish words for Whistle

silbido, silbato, silbar, pito, pitido, pitazo, chiflido, pitar, chiflar.

Swedish word for Whistle


Tamil word for Whistle


Turkish word for Whistle


Vietnamese word for Whistle

tiếng huýt sáo.