How To Spell whole?

Correct spelling: whole

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What are the rhymes for whole?

  1. buol, noell, role, droll, seoul, pohl, mole, wohl, knoll, nole, skoal, roll, hole, stole, goal, bowl, stol, soul, rol, toll, dole, colle, scroll, troll, coal, sowle, stroll, foal, roehl, boll, kole, rolle, sol, thole, kol, shoal, ohl, dhole, sole, bole, sohl, noll, cole, tole, nohl, kohl, poll, pole;
  2. enroll, patrol, ole, extol, ecole, pistole, console, control, viole, nicole, unroll, nicolle, cajole, parole;
  3. decontrol, self-control;

What are the translations for whole?

Bengali word for Whole


Chinese words for Whole

全部, 整整, 阖, 囫, 囫囵, 统一体, 无缺, 完整的.

Dutch words for Whole

totaal, geheel, volledig, heel, compleet, hel, gaaf.

French words for Whole

complet, totalité, entier, vol, intact, entéro.

German words for Whole

gesamt, global, ganz, voll, unversehrt, das Ganze, Gesamtheit, total, Ensemble, integral, Gans.

Italian word for Whole


Japanese words for Whole

全体, 満, まるごと, 丸ごと, あげて, 丸のまま, 挙げて, ぜんたい, まるのまま, まったき, ちゅうとはんぱでない, 丸事, 丸毎, 渾然, 半端ない, こんぜん, 混然, まん, ぜんぶ, 丸の侭.

Javanese word for Whole


Malay word for Whole


Portuguese words for Whole

inteiro, totalidade, unidade.

Spanish words for Whole

conjunto, completo, todo, entero, totalidad, globalidad, plena, pleno, cabal.

Turkish word for Whole


Ukrainian word for Whole