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Correct spelling: Whose


Definition of Whose:

  1. The possessive or genitive case of who or which; applied to persons or things.

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This graph shows how "Whose" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for Whose:

  1. But it is obvious that our fathers, whose efforts have planted these great and prosperous cities along the once lonely trails of our own broad land, received all the fundamentals of civilization as a heritage from their European ancestors. - James H. Breasted
  2. It is possible to build a virtual -reality generator whose repertoire includes every possible environment. - David Deutsch
  3. There is no force so powerful as an idea whose time has come. - Everett Dirksen
  4. Another one of the old poets, whose name has escaped my memory at present, called Truth the daughter of Time. - Aulus Gellius
  5. You must realize that honorary degrees are given generally to people whose SAT scores were too low to get them into schools the regular way. As a matter of fact, it was my SAT scores that led me into my present vocation in life, comedy. - Neil Simon

Rhymes for Whose:

  1. abuse, accrues, accuse, amuse, bemuse, diffuse.
  2. blues, boos, booze, brews, bruise, buse, canoes, choose, chuse, clews, clues, confuse, coups, crews, cruise, cruse, cruz, cues, defuse, dews, drews, druse, druze, dues, ensues, enthuse, ewes, excuse, foos, fuse, glues, goos, hews, hues, hughes, infuse, jews, joos, koos, kruse, kuse, loos, lose, luiz, luse, meuse, mewes, mews, miscues, misuse, moos, muse, news, oohs, ooze, peruse, pews, pursues, ques, queues, recuse, refuse, renews, reuse, reviews, revues, roos, ruse, schmooze, screws, shoes, shrews, skews, snooze, soos, sous, spews, stews, sues, suffuse, taboos, tattoos, tewes, tews, toulouse, transfuse, twos, use, views, who's, woos.
  3. disabuse, kangaroos, overuse.
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