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How To Spell Whose?

Correct spelling: Whose

Definition of Whose:

  1. The possessive case of who or which. See Who, and Which.

List of misspellings for Whose:

  • whove,
  • whope,
  • whoelse,
  • whowas,
  • wohle,
  • warse,
  • vlose,
  • wasome,
  • tohse,
  • wesome,
  • whisel,
  • thoase,
  • wearhouse,
  • whse,
  • wayse,
  • shouse,
  • wahsed,
  • whoer,
  • woh's,
  • whoof,
  • ciose,
  • wohoo,
  • hiosue,
  • whossy,
  • whise,
  • whoese,
  • vouse,
  • whoas,
  • wrose,
  • wheez,
  • whisle,
  • whoe,
  • who'se,
  • chsoe,
  • whois,
  • whoed,
  • ghose,
  • wohse,
  • rhose,
  • whoule,
  • whioe,
  • wlse,
  • those4,
  • whcih,
  • whoms,
  • whici,
  • thosue,
  • thiose,
  • whoses,
  • whoch,
  • whithouse,
  • twoce,
  • wholse,
  • whome,
  • waise,
  • whosh,
  • whoes,
  • whos,
  • whote,
  • werse,
  • whers,
  • whoem,
  • woose,
  • wahser,
  • thoze,
  • thoose,
  • thowes,
  • whisch,
  • whone,
  • whice,
  • whoke,
  • wheesy,
  • whese,
  • hosue,
  • ehose,
  • whilse,
  • worser,
  • whoelser,
  • wyse,
  • whiceh,
  • whoooo,
  • wisey,
  • whees,
  • worsse,
  • whisc,
  • weise,
  • whoen,
  • whoozy,
  • whishe,
  • wirse,
  • whooo,
  • whoie,
  • whoole,
  • chouse,
  • whohas,
  • wisom,
  • wjose,
  • whiose,
  • woice,
  • wholey.

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Rhymes for Whose:

  1. suffuse, dues, infuse, shoes, crews, joos, fuse, loos, tewes, transfuse, misuse, druse, meuse, sues, oohs, defuse, schmooze, ooze, miscues, confuse, ques, peruse, renews, glues, screws, cues, ruse, canoes, enthuse, hughes, views, reviews, clews, sous, hews, cruise, woos, moos, luiz, coups, revues, ewes, koos, spews, dews, goos, tattoos, recuse, boos, cruse, hues, use, chuse, tews, pursues, pews, excuse, drews, snooze, soos, who's, reuse, buse, ensues, twos, blues, mews, jews, druze, refuse, cruz, kuse, kruse, mewes, brews, choose, roos, booze, toulouse, luse, news, queues, foos, taboos, muse, bruise, shrews, stews, lose, skews, clues;
  2. amuse, bemuse, accrues, diffuse, accuse, abuse;
  3. disabuse, kangaroos, overuse;

Translations for Whose:

Afrikaans word for Whose


Arabic word for Whose


Bengali word for Whose


Dutch words for Whose

waarvan, van wie, wiens, wier.

French words for Whose

dont, à qui, duquel, de qui.

German words for Whose

deren, dessen, wessen.

Greek word for Whose


Italian word for Whose

di chi.

Japanese word for Whose


Javanese word for Whose


Korean word for Whose


Norwegian word for Whose

hvem sin.

Polish word for Whose


Portuguese words for Whose

cuja(s), cuja, cujo, de quem, cujos, cujas.

Romanian word for Whose

al cui.

Russian word for Whose


Spanish words for Whose

cuyo, cuya, de quién, cuyas, cuyos, de quienes.

Tamil word for Whose


Turkish word for Whose


Ukrainian word for Whose