How To Spell wide?

Correct spelling: wide

What is the definition of wide?

  1. Expanse.

What does the abbreviation wide mean?

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What are the translations for wide?

Afrikaans word for Wide


Arabic word for Wide


Chinese word for Wide


Dutch words for Wide

lat, aanzienlijk, wijd, breed, royaal, uitgebreid, naast, omvangrijk, uitgestrekt, wijd open.

French words for Wide

important, considérable, large, vaste, ample, étendu, diversifié, général, énorme.

German words for Wide

umfassend, weit, umfangreich, reichhaltig, breit, weitgehend, Breite, breitflächig, Grand.

Italian word for Wide


Japanese words for Wide

ワイド, 幅の広い, はばったい, 幅ったい, はばのひろい.

Javanese word for Wide


Polish words for Wide

szeroki, rozległy.

Portuguese words for Wide

amplo, larga, variada, abrangente, geral, ruim, significativa, largas, diversificado, imensa, alargadas, espaçoso, lato, alargados, extensiva, significativas, acentuadas, latos.

Romanian word for Wide


Spanish words for Wide

lejos, gran, largo, amplio, ancho, variado, extenso, holgado, completamente, profundo, lata, diverso, vasto, acentuada, de ancho, alargado, generalizada.

Turkish word for Wide