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How To Spell wild?

Correct spelling: wild

List of misspellings for wild:

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  • whtil,
  • wouldget,
  • whilr,
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What does the abbreviation wild mean?


Wild as a boy's name is a variant of Wilder (German), and the meaning of Wild is "hunter".

Related words for wild

Linda Wild


Tennis player

Linda Harvey Wild is a retired tennis player from the United States. Born as Linda Harvey, she later used the family name of her stepfather and coach Steve Wild. Wild turned pro in 1989.

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This graph shows how "wild" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for wild:

  1. I think people think Jim Carrey's just wild and crazy. He really is very disciplined. It is true of Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams as well.
  2. You can't just let nature run wild.
  3. There's a lot of reflection that goes on whenever I write a song- it's been a wild whirlwind last couple of years and there's a lot to talk about, and hopefully that's evident in the music.
  4. I go wild on a stage. Some folks have measured us an image. They pretend us to be saints. And that image is much tougher to keep up with. Because that's not who we are.
  5. That's what makes it so fun to be on a team. You're sitting at your house, thinking up this wild, crazy stuff as to how it's going to go, and the other guys are sitting at their houses doing the same thing.

Rhymes for wild:

  1. piled, filed, riled, wilde, smiled, mild, styled, child, tiled;
  2. beguiled, compiled, restyled, reviled;

Translations for wild:

Arabic word for Wild


Chinese word for Wild


Dutch words for Wild

ruig, wilde, losbandig, woest.

French words for Wild

bravo, fou, sauvage, violent, furieuses, nature, état sauvage, violente, furieuse.

German words for Wild

heftig, wild.

Italian word for Wild


Japanese words for Wild

野生, ワイルド, 奔放, 荒荒しい, 野育ち, 荒くれ, 野放図, 突飛, えずい, 素っ頓狂, とっぴ, 頓狂, ほうらつ, いんらん, 放埒, ほんぽう, あらくれ, 淫乱, スットンキョー, とんきょう, 未墾, のそだち, 粗暴, すっとんきょう, そぼう, 放埓.

Javanese word for Wild

Alam bébas.

Korean word for Wild


Norwegian word for Wild


Polish word for Wild


Portuguese words for Wild

ampla, selvagem, selvagens, louco, ferozes, silvestres, irrefletido, florestais, indômito, monteses, bárbaro, desenfreado, bravias, maluco, descabida, selvático, travesso, alucinantes, indomado, despovoado, desabitado, indomável, impensado, incivilizado, traquinas, desvairado.

Russian words for Wild

дикорастущий, необузданный, отвязный.

Spanish words for Wild

liar, precipitado, furioso, loco, rebelde, salvaje, silvestre, agreste, desenfrenado, disparatado, travieso, extravagante, feroz, violento, descabellado, alocado, turbulento, bravío, de locos, enloquecido, descontrolado, indomable, tempestuoso, delirante.

Swedish word for Wild