How To Spell wilderness?

Correct spelling: wilderness

What is the definition of wilderness?

  1. a wild and uninhabited area

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What are the usage examples for wilderness?

  1. But it was a happy wilderness for her, as time proved. – Somehow Good by William de Morgan

What are the translations for wilderness?

Afrikaans word for Wilderness


Bengali word for Wilderness


Chinese words for Wilderness

荒野, 原野, 祖宗, 草莽, 榛芜, 坰.

Dutch words for Wilderness

woestenij, wildernis.

French words for Wilderness

région sauvage, jungle, contrée sauvage, étendue sauvage, monté, région sauvage.

German word for Wilderness


Italian word for Wilderness

area disabitata.

Japanese words for Wilderness

荒野, 原野, あれの, 荒原.

Javanese word for Wilderness


Malay word for Wilderness

Padang belantara.

Norwegian word for Wilderness


Polish word for Wilderness


Portuguese words for Wilderness

deserto, região selvagem, sertão, silvestres, ermo, território selvagem.

Romanian word for Wilderness


Spanish words for Wilderness

naturaleza, jungla, desierto, selva, mata, yermo, áreas silvestres, área silvestre, soledad, espacios naturales, entorno salvaje, espacio natural, zona salvaje, tierras vírgenes, zonas silvestres, zona silvestre, páramo, tierra salvaje, regiones naturales, zonas selváticas, fragosidad.

Swedish word for Wilderness


Vietnamese word for Wilderness

nơi hoang vu.