How To Spell win?

Correct spelling: win

What is the definition of win?

  1. a victory (as in a race or other competition); "he was happy to get the win"

What does the abbreviation win mean?


fair one; white and smooth, soft; fair bow; blessed ring; fair, pure
Win as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Win), is a variant of Guinevere (Welsh), Gwendolyn (Welsh) and Wynne (Welsh), and the meaning of Win is "fair one; white and smooth, soft; fair bow; blessed ring; fair, pure".

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What are the rhymes for win?

  1. gwynn, min, when, rinn, winn, glynn, shin, knin, wynne, chin, thin, gyn, finn, gwin, winne, vin, twin, minh, pinn, linn, been, lwin, ginn, flynn, gwyn, kin, flinn, fin, din, qin, skin, rhin, brin, guinn, guin, rihn, lyn, gwinn, linh, trinh, quinn, gin, jin, wynn, yin, pin, glyn, lin, spin, grin, in, dinh, lynn, tin, quin, bin, kinn, gwynne, linne, sin, inn, bryn, brinn, lynne;
  2. berlin, herein, has-been, akin, chagrin, emlyn, aswin, eldwin, adin, within, therein, alpin, begin, kaylynn, allin, wherein;
  3. violin, menuhin;

What are the translations for win?

Arabic word for Win


Chinese words for Win

赢, 赢了, 胜利, 获胜, 博得, 夺魁.

Dutch words for Win

winst, winnen, behalen, overwinning, verslaan, verwerven, zegevieren, zege.

French words for Win

emporter, obtenir, gagner, gain, remporter, victoire, capter.

German words for Win

bekommen, erlangen, gewinnen, erwerben, erreichen, erringen, Gewinn, Erfolg, siegen, wen, Sieg, triumphieren, erkämpfen, obsiegen.

Italian word for Win


Japanese words for Win

勝つ, 勝利, 勝ち, 勝, 勝利を収める, しょうり, しょうりをおさめる, 捷利, 贏つ, 克つ, はくする, かせぎだす.

Javanese word for Win


Korean word for Win


Norwegian word for Win


Polish words for Win

wygrać, zwyciężyć.

Portuguese words for Win

obter, ganhar, receber, conquistar.

Russian words for Win

выиграть, выигрывать, побеждать в, победить в чём-л., победа, убедить, завоевать, одержать победу, заслужить.

Spanish words for Win

obtener, conseguir, ganar, sacar, ganarse, triunfar, vencer, triunfo.

Swedish word for Win


Turkish word for Win