How To Spell wisdom?

Correct spelling: wisdom

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What does the abbreviation wisdom mean?

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What are the translations for wisdom?

Afrikaans word for Wisdom


Arabic word for Wisdom


Chinese words for Wisdom

智, 智慧, 睿智, 心智, 神智, 悊, 詝.

French words for Wisdom

savoir, jugement, clairvoyance, sagesse, sagacité.

German words for Wisdom

Weisheit, Klugheit, Lebensweisheit, Lebenserfahrung.

Italian word for Wisdom


Japanese words for Wisdom

知恵, 英知, 叡智, 智恵, 知, 智, 慧, 叡知, 賢明, 明哲, 明達, そうめい, えいち, 知慮, りはつ, 聰明, めいてつ, めいたつ, ちえ, 才気, ごせい, 開悟, 知力, 聡明, ちりょく, ちりょ, 恵, 俐発, 悟性, けんめい.

Javanese word for Wisdom


Korean word for Wisdom


Malay word for Wisdom


Polish word for Wisdom


Portuguese words for Wisdom

conhecimento, senso, sabedoria, inteligência, discernimento, sapiência, prudência.

Romanian word for Wisdom


Russian words for Wisdom

мудрость, здравый смысл, премудрость.

Spanish words for Wisdom

juicio, saber, sabiduría, sensatez, prudencia, sentido común, sapiencia.

Swedish words for Wisdom

klokhet, visdom.

Tamil word for Wisdom


Turkish word for Wisdom


Ukrainian word for Wisdom


Vietnamese word for Wisdom

sự thông thái.