How To Spell won?

Correct spelling: won

What is the definition of won?

  1. not subject to defeat; "with that move it's a won game"

What does the abbreviation won mean?

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What are the usage examples for won?

  1. His child's love and trust he had already gained, as she had won suddenly for herself a place in his heart, and he started with the determination that these relations between them should never be disturbed. – My Little Lady by Eleanor Frances Poynter
  2. The Arapahoes did not win one point, and our people won the game. – When Buffalo Ran by George Bird Grinnell
  3. You've just about won the fight. – They of the High Trails by Hamlin Garland
  4. I won the first game, and I could not help feeling a little sorry, while Colbert looked as if he felt rather glad. – A Jolly Fellowship by Frank R. Stockton
  5. He won and he is forgot. – 54-40 or Fight by Emerson Hough
  6. Of course, it won t be lost or won to- night. – A Thief in the Night by E. W. Hornung
  7. You have; and I was surprised, for she is not easily won – The Thin Red Line; and Blue Blood by Arthur Griffiths
  8. But the Miss Berrys won – Lady Rose's Daughter by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  9. Two letters and a telegram were all that was necessary, and the game was won – Monsieur Lecoq by Emile Gaboriau
  10. If I had not won his money, some other would? – The Virginians by William Makepeace Thackeray

What are the translations for won?

Arabic word for Won


Bengali word for Won


Chinese word for Won


German words for Won

bekommen, gewonnen, erworben, erlangt, errungen, gesiegt.

Greek word for Won


Hindi word for Won


Japanese word for Won


Javanese word for Won


Polish word for Won


Portuguese words for Won

ganho, obtidas, obtidos, obtida, obtido, conquistada, vencida, conquistadas.

Spanish words for Won

vencido, ganada, conseguido, conquistado, won.