How To Spell woo?

Correct spelling: woo

What does the abbreviation woo mean?

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What are the usage examples for woo?

  1. What moves him to woo the Muses? – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  2. There he would sit in spite of me, and make my ears ring with the sound of his woo whoop, till the spring of life should cease to bubble in his little heart." – Anecdotes of the Habits and Instinct of Animals by R. Lee
  3. And I enjoyed listening to the story you told, Woo Uff, and to Snarlie's story also." – Umboo, the Elephant by Howard R. Garis
  4. The young Negro must go to church to meet his sweetheart, to impress her with his worth and woo her in marriage, the Negro farmer to find out the developments in the business world, the Negro mechanic to learn the needs of his community and how he may supply them. – The History of the Negro Church by Carter Godwin Woodson
  5. Evening was closing in, and to wander amid those hills alone would be to woo death once more. – In the Yellow Sea by Henry Frith
  6. Eugenias are not to be stolen; we must woo them gently. – The Scarlet Banner by Felix Dahn
  7. This is right Court fashion: Men, Women, and all woo catch that catch may. – The Scornful Lady by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher
  8. I love Mabel Lee; Dared I woo as I would, I could make her love me. – Three Women by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  9. I hoped to meet and woo her in this country. – The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow by Anna Katharine Green
  10. " My advice to you, Tony, is to make ardent love to Myra, to woo her as if she had not already promised to marry you," Lady Fermanagh responded. – Bandit Love by Juanita Savage

What are the translations for woo?

Bengali word for Woo

পাণিপ্রার্থনা করা.

French words for Woo

charmer, courtiser, amadouer, faire la cour à, chercher à attirer.

German words for Woo

locken, werben, umwerben.

Italian word for Woo

accattivarsi la simpatia di.

Korean word for Woo

얻으려고 애쓰다.

Malay word for Woo


Spanish words for Woo

atraer, pretender, cortejar, seducir, enamorar, rondar.

Tamil word for Woo


Turkish word for Woo

kur yapmak.