How To Spell worthwhile?

Correct spelling: worthwhile

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What are the usage examples for worthwhile?

  1. " Not only do you learn from 4- H how to make a home and a living," an enthusiastic member commented in 1933, " but you also learn how to make life worthwhile – Frying Pan Farm by Elizabeth Brown Pryor

What are the rhymes for worthwhile?

  1. stile, isle, style, trial, nile, lyle, weil, rile, file, lile, kile, phyle, mile, hile, dial, niall, bile, pyle, bille, tile, gile, geil, vile, while, kyl, pile, smile, guile, weill, seil, kyle, sheil, aisle, wile;
  2. compile, awhile, defile, beguile, fertile, argyll, hostile, revile, marseille, soleil, restyle, nevile, mikhail;
  3. versatile;

What are the translations for worthwhile?

Arabic word for Worthwhile

جديرة بالاهتمام.

Chinese word for Worthwhile


French words for Worthwhile

utile, rentable, avantageux, salutaire, utiles, qui vaut la peine, qui en vaut la peine.

German words for Worthwhile

sinnvoll, wertvoll, rentabel, erstrebenswert, lohnenswert, lohnend, empfehlenswert, der Mühe wert.

Greek word for Worthwhile

αξίζει τον κόπο.

Japanese word for Worthwhile


Malay words for Worthwhile

Bermanfaat, Berbaloi.

Norwegian word for Worthwhile


Polish word for Worthwhile


Portuguese words for Worthwhile

proveitoso, promissor, que vale a pena, vantajoso, produtiva, positivos, concretos, positivas, apropriados, condigno, frutuosa, compensador, merecedoras, louvável, apetecível.

Russian word for Worthwhile


Spanish words for Worthwhile

importante, pertinente, interesante, valioso, precioso, digno, provechoso, gratificante, conveniente, que merece la pena, positivo, de valor, que vale la pena, digno de interés, meritorio, digno de encomio, digno de consideración, loable.

Swedish word for Worthwhile


Tamil word for Worthwhile


Ukrainian word for Worthwhile