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Correct spelling: writ

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This graph shows how "writ" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for writ:

  1. Holy Writ so calls him. –  by
  2. What he writ was for his own Diversion; and he could hardly be persuaded by the Quality to make it theirs, till his good Temper got the better of his Aversion to write himself among the List of the Poets; and he was prevail'd upon to put it into the Hands of the Gentlemen belonging to the Theatre in Drury- Lane, who did him the same Justice, as was done by him to Dramatick Poetry and the Stage. –  by
  3. I'se got it writ dere now. –  by

Rhymes for writ:

  1. bit, brit, britt, chit, fit, flit, get, grit, kit, knit, lit, mit, mitt, nit, pit, pitt, quit, schmidt, sit, skit, slit, split, whit, wit, fitt, it, plitt, smit, kitt, witt, hit, ritt, hitt, vitt, litt, splitt, schmitt, spit;
  2. acquit, admit, befit, commit, emit, lafitte, omit, permit, refit, remit, submit, transmit, unfit, dewitt, gillett, prewitt, legit;
  3. readmit, recommit, resubmit;