How To Spell wrong?

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What are the rhymes for wrong?

  1. rong, hmong, prong, hong, jong, spong, mong, pong, cong, aung, quang, wong, song, sprong, throng, kong, strong, gong, chong, long, yong, kyong, ong, tong, thong;
  2. zedong, sarong, yearlong, luong, belong, along, phuong, lifelong, prolong;
  3. vietcong;

What are the translations for wrong?

Arabic word for Wrong


Chinese words for Wrong

错误的, 错的, 不对劲, 冤.

Dutch words for Wrong

onjuist, verkeerd, fout, foutief, ongelijk.

French words for Wrong

faux, mauvais, mauvaise, incorrect, injuste, immoral, inexact, inadmissible, inacceptable, fautif.

German words for Wrong

falsch, Mal, mau, unrichtig, verkehrt, Unrecht, Tort, irrig, zivilrechtlich unerlaubte Handlung, zivilrechtliches Delikt.

Italian word for Wrong


Japanese words for Wrong

いけない, 不可, 不正解, ふせいかい, 間違った.

Korean word for Wrong


Norwegian word for Wrong


Portuguese words for Wrong

errado, ruim, inadequado, incorreto, incorrecta, errôneo, inadequada, indevido, impróprio, condenável, inaceitável.

Romanian word for Wrong

cum nu trebuie.

Russian words for Wrong

неверный, неправильно, неверно, несоответствующий, дурной, неправый, недопустимый, ненадлежащий, неподобающий, неправомерный, несправедливо, нехорошо.

Spanish words for Wrong

malo, error, inoportuno, incorrecto, equivocado, falso, agravio, injusticia, incorrectamente, inconveniente, defectuoso, injusto, mis, impropio, engañado, negativo.

Swedish word for Wrong


Turkish word for Wrong


Vietnamese word for Wrong