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Correct spelling: yearn

Definition of yearn:

  1. To pain; to grieve; to vex.
  2. To feel an earnest desire; to have an uneasy feeling from longing, tenderness or pity; to be strained; to be pained or distressed.

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Rhymes for yearn:

  1. vern, kearn, hearn, stearn, bern, verne, kern, hern, erne, earn, turn, byrne, herne, urn, stern, learn, burne, fern, durn, cern, dern, burn, berne, spurn, stearne, sterne, hearne, hurn, churn;
  2. concern, adjourn, ahern, sauterne, aherne, discern, ahearn, upturn, return, laverne;
  3. unconcern;