How To Spell youth?

Correct spelling: youth

What is the definition of youth?

  1. The state of being young.

What does the abbreviation youth mean?

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What are the rhymes for youth?

  1. ruth, truth, huth, sleuth, luth, booth, sooth, tooth, buth;
  2. vermouth, duluth, untruth, uncouth;

What are the translations for youth?

Afrikaans word for Youth


Arabic word for Youth


Bengali word for Youth


Chinese words for Youth

青, 青年, 青少年, 青春.

Dutch words for Youth

jeugd, jongeren, jeugdigheid.

French words for Youth

jeune, jeunesse, adolescence.

German words for Youth

Jugend, Jugendliche, Jugendlicher, junger Mensch, Jugendzeit, Jüngling, junger Mann, Jungsein.

Italian words for Youth

gioventù, giovanile, giovinezza.

Japanese words for Youth

青少年, 若者, 青年, 年少, 青春, 若年, 若さ, 年少者, 男子, 若き日, ねんしょう, しょうねん, 瑞, わかもの, こわらべ, わかきひ, じゃくねん, せいねん, ずい, 稚, 弱年, しょうそう, 少壮, 若い衆, わかさ, せいしょうねん, 弱小, わかいしゅう, わかき, わかいしゅ, そうてい, ねんしょうしゃ, せいしゅん, じゃくれい, だんし, 弱少, わか, 青春時代.

Malay words for Youth

Pemuda, Belia.

Norwegian word for Youth


Polish word for Youth


Portuguese words for Youth

rapaz, jovem, juventude, mocidade.

Russian words for Youth

молодежный, юношеский, молодость, юность, молодёжь, юношество, молодой человек.

Spanish words for Youth

juventud, joven, muchacho, adolescentes, adolescencia.

Swedish word for Youth


Tamil word for Youth


Vietnamese word for Youth

tuổi trẻ.