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How To Spell Yung?

Correct spelling: Yung

What are the common mistypes for Yung ?

  • yujng,
  • yu ng,
  • yungb,
  • y8ung,
  • yunbg,
  • yunv,
  • yyung,
  • yuhng,
  • yunfg,
  • Yunw,
  • yungv,
  • Y5ng,
  • Ytng,
  • Yuog,
  • y7ng,
  • yunf,
  • yuntg,
  • yumg,
  • y ung,
  • yumng,
  • yunvg,
  • yu7ng,
  • yuung,
  • y6ung,
  • yuyng,
  • uyung,
  • yubng,
  • yunjg,
  • yunyg,
  • yunmg,
  • yunhg,
  • uyng,
  • y7ung,
  • yunng,
  • 7yung,
  • yungf,
  • 7ung,
  • yungy,
  • Yuno,
  • yjung,
  • gyung,
  • yun g,
  • 6yung,
  • yu8ng,
  • yungg,
  • ynug,
  • yungt,
  • yungh.

What is the definition of Yung?

  1. Being in the early period of life; youthful; vigorous; immature.


Yung as a girl's name.

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What are the usage examples for Yung?

  1. He of the north made out that the sun never shone on the summit of Yung Tshi, and the inhabitant of the south affirmed that the health- giving shade was unknown there. – Common Sense Subtitle: How To Exercise It by Yoritomo-Tashi
  2. " I found myself one day on the slope of a hill named Yung Tshi, and I remarked that the majority of the trees were stript of their foliage. – Common Sense Subtitle: How To Exercise It by Yoritomo-Tashi

What are the quotes for Yung?

  1. I walked out of the Chinese restaurant with a fat check, a record deal, and a box of shrimp egg foo yung!

What are the rhymes for Yung?

  1. sung, bung, kyung, stung, pung, lung, ung, clung, phung, flung, chung, myung, wrung, rung, slung, hung, swung, tung, dung, tongue, sprung, strung, young;
  2. among, unsung, mcclung;