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Spell Check of Zack

Correct spelling: Zack

Zack \z(a)-ck\

laughter; the Lord recalled
Zack as a boy's name is a variant of Isaac (Hebrew), Zachariah (Hebrew) and Zachary (Hebrew), and the meaning of Zack is "laughter; the Lord recalled".
Zak, Zach.

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Examples of usage for Zack:

  1. I mind I could throw a zack o' vlour ower my shoulder when I wur a boy o' vourteen. – Leaves from a Field Note-Book by J. H. Morgan
  2. " Go after him, Zack and take Jake with you," the spokesman said, sharply. – Down the Slope by James Otis
  3. We'll foller up Zack an' Jake, an' if they catch the boy there'll be nothin' to prevent our finishin' the business we came for. – Down the Slope by James Otis

Rhymes for Zack:

  1. back, black, braque, clack, flack, flak, hack, jack, knack, lac, lack, mac, mack, pac, pack, plaque, quack, rack, sac, sack, shack, slack, smack, snack, stack, tack, track, unpack, whack, wrack, yack, yak, brack, fac, paque, plack, tac, mak, dack, zak, zach, shaq, dac, nack, ack, bak, cac, pak, caq, akc, sak, wack, trac, jac, lak, stac, brac, tak, rak, haq, trak, spak, crack;
  2. aback, arrack, attack, repack, knick-knack;
  3. dak;