How to Pronounce abbes?

Correct pronunciation for the word "abbes" is [ˈabz], [ˈabz], [ˈa_b_z].

What are the misspellings for abbes?

  • drwe,
  • ordr

"Abbes" in context

Abbes are a cream-filled dessert pastry that originated in Spain and has since spread to various other countries. They have a characteristic cylindrical shape and crunchy, crisp dough. The creamy filling is usually made from a combination of sugar and eggs and often includes other ingredients like spices, rum and brandy. Abbes are often served in family gatherings, special occasions and at bakeries. They are a popular alternative to cupcakes and other desserts that are overly sweet. Abbes are generally served as individual desserts, but can be combined when served on a platter.

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