How to Pronounce airfoils?

Correct pronunciation for the word "airfoils" is [ˈe͡əfɔ͡ɪlz], [ˈe‍əfɔ‍ɪlz], [ˈeə_f_ɔɪ_l_z].

"Airfoils" in context

Airfoils are an important element in aircraft, spacecraft and wind turbine design. Airfoils are specifically engineered shapes which manipulate the airflow around an object. The aerodynamic forces allow the airfoil to lift and create thrust - factors key to success in flight.

The airfoil's shape defines its performance properties such as lift, drag, stability and maneuverability. When air passes over the surface of an airfoil, the pressure on the top surface becomes lower than air beneath it, creating an area of low pressure. This then creates a lifting force on the object which allows it to move through the air.

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This graph shows how "airfoils" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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