How to Pronounce applause?

Correct pronunciation for the word "applause" is [ɐplˈɔːz], [ɐplˈɔːz], [ɐ_p_l_ˈɔː_z].

"Applause" in context

Applause is the sound of people being impressed, enthusiastic and showing appreciation. It is a form of acknowledgement and support for a person's successful achievement or accomplishment. In ancient Greek and Roman times, it was common for audiences to clap their hands and make noises together using aibrilators to show their appreciation for successful performances. In recent times, it has become the norm to applaud or cheer in public settings and the sound of clapping has become the preferred method of showing appreciation.

In ancient times, those who were first to applaud would be deemed blessed and favored by the gods.


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