How to Pronounce automatizes?

Correct pronunciation for the word "automatizes" is [ˈɔːtəmˌata͡ɪzɪz], [ˈɔːtəmˌata‍ɪzɪz], [ˈɔː_t_ə_m_ˌa_t_aɪ_z_ɪ_z].

"Automatizes" in context

Automatizing is the process of converting manual tasks or processes into automated ones. This can be achieved through the use of computers, software, and other automation technologies. Automation is widely used in modern industry, primarily to save labor costs and improve productivity. By automating processes, more work can be done in a shorter amount of time, allowing companies to stay competitive and maximize profits. Automatizing can be applied to almost any task, from simple data entry to complex manufacturing operations. From making website updates to managing customer service, automating can help businesses streamline and optimize their operations for more efficiency.

Usage over time for automatizes:

This graph shows how "automatizes" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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