How to Pronounce Cannot?

Correct pronunciation for the word "Cannot" is [kˈanɒt], [kˈanɒt], [k_ˈa_n_ɒ_t].

"Cannot" in context

Cannot is a word of negative potentiality, conveying the idea of something being impossible or not achievable. It implies a lack of capacity, constraints or prohibitions that prevent the completion of desired activity. In the English language, cannot is an adverb used to describe a state of non-completion, meaning "not being able to" or "not able to" do something. Cannot is also an auxiliary verb, which is used to form interrogative and negative sentences, such as "Can I not do this?" and "I cannot do this".

Cannot can also be used to express feelings of restraint, limitation, or lack of freedom.

What are similar-sounding words for Cannot?


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