How to Pronounce completes?

Correct pronunciation for the word "completes" is [kəmplˈiːts], [kəmplˈiːts], [k_ə_m_p_l_ˈiː_t_s].

"Completes" in context

Completes refers to the act of fully accomplishing a task, project, or goal. It is a common goal for individuals to complete things such as a job, program, course of study, or even small day-to-day tasks. Having the ability to successfully complete what you set out to do is a great feeling that can boost your confidence and help you realize the positive results of hard work. It is also important for completing tasks, so that others relying on the task completion have the means to move on to the next step. It can also lead to great success in business or personal relationships.

Usage over time for completes:

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