How to Pronounce cooled?

Correct pronunciation for the word "cooled" is [kˈuːld], [kˈuːld], [k_ˈuː_l_d].

"Cooled" in context

Cooled refers to the process of reducing the temperature of a substance or area. It is a method used to achieve desired outcomes from a variety of different scenarios. For example, cooled air can be used to cool down a room, chilled water can be used to cool a beverage, and cold packs can be applied to reduce swelling.

In industrial and technological manufacturing, cooled gases and liquids are used to lower components and machinery to temperatures that are optimal for assembly, operation and safety. Such cooled substances also prevent overheating and unnecessary wear and tear.

Cooled air can also be used in cooling buildings.

What are similar-sounding words for cooled?


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