How to Pronounce cortex?

Correct pronunciation for the word "cortex" is [kˈɔːtɛks], [kˈɔːtɛks], [k_ˈɔː_t_ɛ_k_s].

"Cortex" in context

The cortex is the outer layer of the human brain, and is essential for the performance of mental activities. It is responsible for processing sensory information, thinking, and decision making. The cortex contains several different layers, called columns, which communicate with each other via neurons and synapses.

The cortex is divided into different areas, each responsible for different functions, such as vision, language, emotions and memory. The cortex is composed of neurons and neuroglial cells and is responsible for interpreting and reacting to external stimuli. Electrical stimulation of the cortical areas can produce a variety of effects, including the relaxation of muscle tension and the production of mental images.

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