How to Pronounce creatures?

Correct pronunciation for the word "creatures" is [kɹˈiːt͡ʃəz], [kɹˈiːt‍ʃəz], [k_ɹ_ˈiː_tʃ_ə_z].

"Creatures" in context

There is an incredible variety of creatures on our planet. From the enormous blue whale to the small grasshopper, all are beautiful in their own way and play an essential part in keeping our planet running smoothly. We particularly marvel at the creatures which can take us on breathtaking journeys - majestic birds soaring through the sky, fish swimming gracefully in their underwater homes, and the graceful mammals that run, jump and climb with amazing agility.

Creatures breathe life into the world, introducing color, strength and character. They accompany us in our everyday lives, from pet dogs to the birds singing in the morning.


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