How to Pronounce D Alanine Carboxypeptidase?

Correct pronunciation for the word "D Alanine Carboxypeptidase" is [dˈiː ɐlˈana͡ɪn kˈɑːbəksˌa͡ɪpptɪdˌe͡ɪs], [dˈiː ɐlˈana‍ɪn kˈɑːbəksˌa‍ɪpptɪdˌe‍ɪs], [d_ˈiː_ ɐ_l_ˈa_n_aɪ_n k_ˈɑː_b_ə_k_s_ˌaɪ_p_p_t_ɪ_d_ˌeɪ_s].

"D alanine carboxypeptidase" in context

D Alanine Carboxypeptidase is an important enzyme found in humans and other animals. It plays an important role in the breakdown of proteins in the body. This enzyme helps to break down proteins into their constituent parts, such as amino acids.

In the human body, D Alanine Carboxypeptidase first works to cleave the terminal peptide bond at the C terminal of the amino acid L-alanine. It then continues to break down the remaining amino acids until only single amino acids are left. This process is important for allowing proteins that have been broken down to be absorbed and used by the body.


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