How to Pronounce dabblers?

Correct pronunciation for the word "dabblers" is [dˈabləz], [dˈabləz], [d_ˈa_b_l_ə_z].

What are the misspellings for dabblers?

"Dabblers" in context

Dabblers are enthusiastic amateurs who are passionate about learning new things and exploring new ideas and interests. They don't necessarily aim to become experts or professionals, but their enthusiasm and passion for learning is infectious. Dabblers often have expansive knowledge about a wide variety of topics and are great conversationalists. They love to dive into topics and explore without any unnecessary pressure to become the best at a particular interest or skill. Dabblers are great at uncovering deeper nuances and ideas through their explorations. They also tend to be quite creative and have a strong sense of curiosity and desire to learn.

What are similar-sounding words for dabblers?

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