How to Pronounce DEAM?

Correct pronunciation for the word "DEAM" is [dˈiːm], [dˈiːm], [d_ˈiː_m].

What are the misspellings for DEAM?

  • dxeam,
  • deazm,
  • de4am,
  • dweam,
  • deajm,
  • de am,
  • d3am,
  • deamk,
  • d3eam,
  • de3am,
  • dewam,
  • deaqm,
  • deamj,
  • deakm,
  • xdeam,
  • dezam,
  • deqam,
  • deawm

"DEAM" in context

DEAM is an acronym for Data Exchange Access Method, which is a computer system platform developed by IBM Corporation in the early 1960s. This platform enables business applications to process and manage large volumes of data more efficiently and cost effectively. It is comprised of two distinct components - the Data Manager and the Access Method. The Data Manager component is responsible for the storage, retrieval and update of data, while the Access Method component provides access to the data and ensures the consistency of data during manipulation.

The use of DEAM has enabled businesses to succeed in data-driven industries by leveraging powerful computing resources.


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