Definitions of married

  1. joined in matrimony; "a married man"; "a married couple" Scrapingweb Dictionary DB
  2. Of or pertaining to marriage; derived from marriage; connubial; nuptial; hymeneal; as, matrimonial rights or duties. Webster Dictionary DB
  3. United in wedlock. Nuttall's Standard dictionary of the English language. By Nuttall, P.Austin. Published 1914.
  4. of Marry Webster Dictionary DB
  5. United in marriage; wedded. Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.
  6. Being in the state of matrimony; having a spouse; wedded; as, a married man or woman; of one person. dictgcide_fs
  7. Of or pertaining to marriage; connubial; as, the married state; one's married name. dictgcide_fs
  8. Wedded to each other; as, a married couple; John and Joan are no longer married; of two people. dictgcide_fs
  9. Joined to form one object; united. dictgcide_fs
  10. United in wedlock; of person (s) so united, as m. life. Concise Oxford Dictionary
  11. Formed by marriage; conjugal connubial Cabinet Dictionary

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