How to Pronounce denude?

Correct pronunciation for the word "denude" is [dɪnjˈuːd], [dɪnjˈuːd], [d_ɪ_n_j_ˈuː_d].

"Denude" in context

Denude is a word which means to strip away or remove something's covering. Primarily the term is used for removing the outer covering of a person or animal, but it can also be applied to inanimate objects. Denude can be used to talk about stripping away of clothes, such as when a dictator orders his troops to denude an opposing army. It can also be used in a literary context to describe the stripping away of something that had been hiding someone's true personality. Another usage of the word is to describe an area that is denuded of vegetation such as when a fire swept through a forest.

What are similar-sounding words for denude?


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