How to Pronounce deserve?

Correct pronunciation for the word "deserve" is [dɪzˈɜːv], [dɪzˈɜːv], [d_ɪ_z_ˈɜː_v].

"Deserve" in context

Deserving is having done something that earns rewards or recognition. It is based on a belief that an individual or a group of people put in the hard work to acquire positive outcomes and deserves the result for their efforts. Deserving can refer to an accolade that someone receives when they meet or exceed what is expected of them. It can also refer to a deserving situation or outcome when justice is served and the right thing happens. People feel that if they put in the hard work and effort they deserve to receive the results they deserve. This is why deserving is such a powerful concept in society.

What are similar-sounding words for deserve?


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