How to Pronounce Eek?

Correct pronunciation for the word "Eek" is [ˈiːk], [ˈiːk], [ˈiː_k].

"Eek" in context

Eek is an exclamation of shock, surprise, or dismay. It is often used to indicate a sudden realization, unpleasant surprise, or discomfort to the speaker, who is usually taken aback by the unexpected turn of events. It is commonly used to express fright, alarm, worry, or disbelief. The expression can also be used in response to confusion or getting caught off guard. Eek is a short and simple exclamation, making it easy to say and recognize in different contexts. Its use can create a humorous and lighthearted situation that often leads to laughter.

What are similar-sounding words for Eek?


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