How to Pronounce EPHS?

Correct pronunciation for the word "EPHS" is [ˈɛfz], [ˈɛfz], [ˈɛ_f_z].

What are the misspellings for EPHS?

  • ephxs,
  • 4ephs,
  • 4phs,
  • rephs,
  • 3ephs,
  • eephs,
  • ephsz,
  • ep0hs,
  • ephse,
  • e-phs,
  • ephzs,
  • ephjs,
  • e4phs,
  • epphs,
  • e3phs,
  • e0phs,
  • epyhs,
  • ep-hs,
  • ephsx,
  • ephws,
  • ephsw

"EPHS" in context

EPHS stands for Environmental Public Health Services, an organization that works to help build healthier communities and improve the quality of life for citizens. Their main focuses are in education, health promotion, and protection of the public from environmental health threats. EPHS works with government, business, and community partners to identify environmental health hazards, ensure public safety, and improve environmental quality. This includes evaluating the effects of environmental exposures on people's health and helping to support and protect their physical, mental, and environmental health. EPHS is also involved in research, advocacy, and policy development in the areas of environmental public health and sustainability.


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