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How to Pronounce equations?

Correct pronunciation for the word "equations" is [ɪkwˈe͡ɪʒənz], [ɪkwˈe‍ɪʒənz], [ɪ_k_w_ˈeɪ_ʒ_ə_n_z].

"Equations" in context

Equations are sets of mathematical sentences that are often used to describe the relationship between two or more variables. Equations can be used to solve problems in a variety of fields including mathematics, chemistry, economics, and physics. Equations are often written using letter symbols to represent variables and can also involve constants, which are numbers that are used only to express a single exact value. Many equations can be solved algebraically, which is the process of isolating a variable and then solving for it. Equations help people to create numerical models of real-world scenarios and are a key tool used by scientists and engineers.

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Usage over time for equations:

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