How to Pronounce facilitators?

Correct pronunciation for the word "facilitators" is [fəsˈɪlɪtˌe͡ɪtəz], [fəsˈɪlɪtˌe‍ɪtəz], [f_ə_s_ˈɪ_l_ɪ_t_ˌeɪ_t_ə_z].

"Facilitators" in context

Facilitators are individuals responsible for assisting those in a group setting to accomplish a set of tasks. They provide the structure, support, and guidance to members of the group, ensuring the group succeeds. Facilitators should be experienced in working with groups, have excellent communication and conflict resolution skills, as well as the ability to think through issues and develop effective strategies. They will often work with a variety of stakeholders, from management and staff to customers, vendors, and other external partners. Facilitators must have an extensive understanding of the organization and its goals, and be able to clearly explain how processes and activities will ensure the group meets those goals.

What are similar-sounding words for facilitators?


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