How to Pronounce FAE?

Correct pronunciation for the word "FAE" is [fˈiː], [fˈiː], [f_ˈiː].

What are the misspellings for FAE?

  • gfae,
  • fae3,
  • f ae,
  • fgae,
  • dfae,
  • fqe,
  • fae4,
  • tfae,
  • fqae,
  • rfae,
  • fa3,
  • ffae,
  • fsae

"FAE" in context

FAE, otherwise known as the Federation des Associations Étudiantes, is a French student association dedicated to protecting the interests of students in France. The mission of FAE is to ensure students in both secondary and higher education receive the necessary resources for them to succeed academically, financially and socially as they strive to reach their educational goals. To pursue its mission, FAE actively engages in dialogue with the government, educational institutions, businesses, and other stakeholders to ensure students' rights and interests are being met and upheld.

What are similar-sounding words for FAE?


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